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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia


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The phenomobile was designed and developed by the HRPPC to integrate a range of remote sensing technologies for phenomics field studies. It integrates a spectral reflectance radiometer system (350-2500nm) for chemometrics studies, an infrared thermal-imaging system for monitoring canopy temperature and a stereo-imaging rig for 3D reconstruction of plots for measuring biomass accumulation over time and plot height. Data are geo-referenced with a 10-cm resolution GPS system and time-stamped at acquisition. The wheel base of the phenomobile is adjustable to accommodate different plot width. Sensors are all mounted on an arm adjustable in height (0.80 to 3.50 m) to vary the instantaneous field of view of the sensors. The phenomobile will be equipped this year with a ground penetrating radar for monitoring soil water content.