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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

Field Cropatron

For the Field Cropatron, a control centre is contained within a metal building based at Ginninderra Field station (figure 3), adjacent to the Cropatron growth environments. The Field Cropatron module contains 2 polytunnels (in total, 1500m2 of enclosed growth space).

Crops are planted directly into plots of soil within the polytunnels enabling plots to be worked by tractor consistent with standard field trial agronomy and monitored using existing HRPPC field module equipment including a new imaging arch and monitoring systems which provide high temporal resolution mapping of crop responses to the environment within the Cropatron.

A variety of levels of environmental control and monitoring are provided, including temperature, light intensity, soil water availability via precision irrigation for drought experiments and a capability for CO2 control for climate change experiments.

Field of rice plants