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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

Static Cropatron


  • Pricing and availability - please contact us by e-mail or on +61 2 6218 3430.

The Static Cropatron, located at the Black Mountain site, has a high degree of environmental control, PC2 level of containment and high resolution monitoring and complements the Field Cropatron.

Plants are grown in large tubs of approximately 1m3 whilst tubs are mounted on lysimeters for water balance measurements and scanned by robotic controlled imaging systems from above. Four chambers are available for individual control of CO2 level, temperature and humidity, each chamber containing up to eight tubs. Gas flow to and from the chambers and data cabling communicates through the gantry and services rail to the analysis laboratory containing infrared gas analysis and IT infrastructure for data capture.

Low or High Level Static Cropatron Chambers

  • Full environmental control, including temperature, CO2 and humidity
  • PC2 compliance including a QC2 chamber
  • Plants grown in canopy environment in 1m3 tubs
  • Lysimetry for water balance
  • Root ports for imaging rhizosphere
  • Comprehensive shoot imaging from robotic systems

Static Cropatron glasshouse